Ácaro in english


pronunciation: maɪt part of speech: noun
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ácaro = dust mite ; house mite ; mite ; acarus [acari, -pl.]. 

Example: Common factors affecting the quality of air in libraries include scents and other controllable irritants, dust mites, moulds and other inhaled substances associated with paper and books.Example: This is a semi-humorous account of how an on-line search for allergens of the common house mite led to false drops caused by truncating the term Dermatophagoides.Example: The diseases and infestations caused by mites, lice, bed bugs, fleas, and ticks are discussed.Example: The taxonomic subclass of acari (mites and ticks) comprises tens of thousands of species, grouped in many families and several orders.


» parecido a un ácaromite-like .

Example: The presence of eggshells, faecal pellets, and silk threads in association with a mite-like animal illustrates a complex ecosystem.

Ácaro synonyms

touch in spanish: toque, pronunciation: tʌtʃ part of speech: noun, verb pinch in spanish: pellizco, pronunciation: pɪntʃ part of speech: noun, verb hint in spanish: insinuación, pronunciation: hɪnt part of speech: noun jot in spanish: jota, pronunciation: dʒɑt part of speech: noun, verb speck in spanish: mota, pronunciation: spek part of speech: noun soupcon in spanish: pizca, pronunciation: supkən part of speech: noun
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