Abatí in english


pronunciation: əbət part of speech: none
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abatir = break + Posesivo + spirit ; cast + a pall of gloom over ; defeat ; lay + Nombre + low ; dishearten ; bring down ; dispirit ; get + Nombre + down. 

Example: And though it was a terrible tragedy in Madrid, to pull out of Iraq would be to give in to the terrorists, give them and inch and they'll take a mile, we've got to show them that our spirit will not be broken.Example: This prolonged dry spell has cast a pall of gloom over the agrochemical business.Example: The article is entitled 'Dewey Decimal system defeats Truman! Library cartoons'.Example: She suffered frequent flare-ups of widespread inflammation that would lay her low for days on end.Example: It is easy to be disheartened by the negative flow of news, but the strength of our labor market should bolster the confidence of our outlook.Example: I've been reading shocking 'reports' for several days now explaining that 'malware brought down a Spanish jet'.Example: Adverse fortune may attend us, but it shall never dispirit us.Example: There isn't a single thing in the world that gets her down or a single negative that she can't turn into a positive.


» abatir a tirosgun + Nombre + down .

Example: Last night the distraught parents of 11-year-old Rhys Jones, gunned down in cold blood by a hoodie, gave their full support to our campaign.

» abatirsecome to + piecesfall to + piecesswoopfall to + bits .

Example: They are characters living in the margins, often coming to pieces, and sometimes, as in a nightmare, in constant flight from something horrid.

Example: One must accept that it is impossible to satisfy all people all the time; this author has seen several prison librarians fall to pieces, while the librarian was drowning in details.

Example: Magpies are very protective of their young and may swoop on intruders if they feel threatened.

Example: If you leave it there for a few months, your bike will rust, perish and fall to bits.

» abatirse sobrebear down (up)on .

Example: Somehow, some way, officials were getting early evacuees out of harm's way as Hurricane Gustav bore down on the central Louisiana coast.
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