Aboard in spanish

A bordo

pronunciation: ɑboʊɹ̩doʊ part of speech: adverb
In gestures

aboard = a bordo de, a bordo. 

Example: 'All aboard the orientation express' is a programme to introduce children to the services provided by the library and teach them to use the microfiche catalogue.


» clamber + aboard = subir a bordo con dificultad, montar a bordo con dificultad.

Example: Clambering aboard a superyacht from a speedboat is a mammoth task in itself, let alone climbing up steep steps in a teeny tiny white bikini.

» climb + aboard = subirse a bordo, montarse a bordo.

Example: Seven desperate migrants have been fished out of the English Channel after trying to climb aboard a moving ferry bound for Britain.

Aboard synonyms

onboard in spanish: a bordo, pronunciation: ɑnbɔrd part of speech: adverb alongside in spanish: junto a, pronunciation: əlɔŋsaɪd part of speech: adverb on base in spanish: en base, pronunciation: ɑnbeɪs part of speech: adverb
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