About English Spanish dictionary

Basis of Spanish language as known is from Latin which attributes to Italic languages. The origins of it reaches even the Roman civilization. That sounds like a very poetic reason to learn Spanish but of course there are more earthy excuses. Amount of native speakers all around the world outnumbers even English, Spanish spoken countries are full of culture and history monuments so in order to make traveling more convenient this dictionary should be very helpful.

Spanish is spoken in Pyrenees peninsula and Latin America’s countries as Mexico, Colombia or Argentina so in order to not get lost while traveling through these lands it is a must to have a reliable dictionary just by your hand whenever you need. While English is far more older language. It roots reach more that 1.4 thousands years ago. It is ascribed to West Germanic language and started to be used in England island when Germanic tribes moved to this territory, later Columbus brought it to North America. Australia, which has been England’s colony English is national language.

It is commonly used in Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, 60 % of people in Canada uses it, there are some places in South Africa as well where it is spoken and even in India. This language is world widely spread and is one of official United Nations languages. While traveling these two languages are undoubtedly useful and even though learning new languages are always a challenge, finding a convenient way to improve your knowledge can make things much easier. To widen your languages baggage is both a pleasure and a great tool to make friends or just perform great in business meetings. This dictionary is all about that – fast, comfortable and reliable source of words and phrases for all range of Spanish learners.

In a few words this vocabulary is where you can find a requirable word in just a few clicks. This site allows to translate both English – Spanish and Spanish – English.

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