About Spanish English dictionary

Spanish, español or as called "castillian" and English have spelling resemblances and they both are from Indo-European family. It makes much easier that both of them use same alphabet as well. Of course, these two are pretty different as well. For example, spelling in English might be a challenge because some letters can sound long and others short or even be silent while in Spanish, it mostly sounds as it is written.

There are also words group called false friends that have same root in word in both languages but have totally different meanings and can create an unpleasant situation. For instance, Spanish word "nudo" translates to English as knot while English word nude means naked. So in order to make learning language easier, all you need to for start is to use this practical and understandable online vocabulary fitted for everyday application. It’s a fast and convenient way to find a word or a phrase you need in the moment or it can become a long-term friend translating long texts.

This dictionary site is a place where a beginner in English can put foundation in this language, a traveler who needs a commonly used phrases for a pleasant experience on a trip or anyone else who just doesn’t have a written dictionary nearby. The search function is pretty basic and easily usable. You can either type wanted word in a field or find it with help of an alphabet which is below the search tab. You not just get a translation of your written word but also a synonym in the same language that you’ve searched that word, an example with it in a sentence and there are also attached similar meanings or phrases with that word. Whole bunch of similar words just appears in the right side of window. So finding just one right word can make your language baggage much bigger than you even expected.

This dictionary gives you many of practical advice, helping avoid any most common mistakes of usage.

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