About English Spanish dictionary

English has become the leading language internationally and are widely used as intercultural way of communicating, in science or law or any other intercontinental context, mass entertainment, and diplomacy. It is a co-official language of international organizations and is presented as first global language ("lingua franca").

Although, by natively spoken people numbers it is in a third place after Chinese and Spanish. Even though English language does not have so many dialect variations as Spanish, but even traveling across one country, for instance England, might be a challenge because accent known as ‘BBC English’ or Standard one drastically differs from one spoken up in North in Scotland. Scottish Gaelic spoken mainly in Highlands is written with just 18 letters which are named after a tree or shrub like ‘a’ will be ailm (elm) or letter ‘d’ stands for dair (oak).

Having firm base in English is much easier to learn Spanish. It’s pronunciation and grammar are much easier. Both use Latin alphabet but there is one exception, in Spanish there is letter ñ and also doubling of consonants and that make difference while pronouncing it. Also, not always it is clear how to properly accent Spanish words. To help not only learn spelling but pronunciation as well, some words in Spanish are presented with stresses. This dictionary will help you to achieve both learning correctly to write and speak in Spanish. It will present you examples which will help you to understand meaning of word if it is not clear enough. Also, it will teach you phrases that has searchable word in it but with other words combination creates a different meaning and that will broaden your uniform Spanish.

This dictionary gives you more than just translations but also everyday usable phrases. Also, it is a place where you can check if your word that has same word origin in both languages really means what you think, you can easily avoid misunderstandings with words called false friends.

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