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pronunciation: ɑkθidente part of speech: noun
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accident1 = accidente, percance. 

Example: Mexico is undergoing an intense epidemiological transition characterised by a decline in the incidence of infectious diseases and a rapid increase in the importance of chronic illnesses and accidents.


» accident of nature = accidente de la naturaleza.

Example: Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.

» accident report = parte de accidente.

Example: Recent work involving the application of formal notations to analyse accident reports has shown that theeir is poor, so much so that their conclusions can be misleading.

» accidents do happen = son cosas que pasan, los accidentes ocurren.

Example: As much as we strive for perfection, we are human and accidents do happen.

» accident waiting to happen = accidente seguro, problema seguro, bomba de relojería.

Example: More than a quarter of motorists are 'an accident waiting to happen' because they drive too close to the vehicle in front on motorways.

» at the scene of the accident = en el lugar del accidente.

Example: The first thing you want to do at the scene of the accident is to make sure that you and any passengers you have in your vehicle have no physical injuries.

» auto accident = accidente de tráfico, accidente de coche, accidente automovilístico.

Example: From suicide to auto accidents and airplane crashes, these music legends died before their time.

» automobile accident = accidente de tráfico, accidente de coche, accidente automovilístico.

Example: Her husband was killed in an automobile accident when she was nine months pregnant, so she had to find a way to support herself and her bab.

» car accident = accidente de tráfico, accidente de coche, accidente automovilístico.

Example: The circulation clerk had a car accident which left her emotionally an physically scarred but as efficient as ever = La auxiliar de préstamo tuvo un accidente de coche que la dejó marcada física y emocionalmente pero tan eficaz como siempre.

» drop + Nombre + by accident = caéersele Algo a Alguien (al suelo) accidentalmente.

Example: They dropped it by accident and it broke in two.

» fatal accident = accidente mortal.

Example: A man is dead and a woman may be charged after a fatal accident in Bethel, Ohio.

» fatal car accident = accidente mortal de tráfico, accidente mortal de coche, accidente mortal automovilístico.

Example: One woman is dead and a man is in jail, after a fatal car accident late Friday night.

» fatal road accident = accidente mortal de carretera, accidente mortal de tráfico.

Example: Driver error was responsible for 86% of all fatal road accidents in Ireland last year.

» fatal traffic accident = accidente mortal de tráfico.

Example: Bumper to bumper everywhere and fatal traffic accidents happening daily, this tiny country needs more cars like a hole in the head.

» hit-and-run accident = accidente en el que el causante se da a la fuga.

Example: This information can be difficult to read, memorize, and reproduce in a short period of time, such as in the case of recall of hit-and-run accidents.

» leave + the scene of an accident = abandonar el lugar de un accidente, huir del lugar de un accidente.

Example: If you do leave the scene of an accident, you may face a variety of criminal charges.

» occupational accident = accidente laboral.

Example: They sought to prevent occupational accidents and disease by incorporating health and safety standards in contracts.

» prevent + an accident = prevenir un accidente, evitar un accidente.

Example: Driverless cars could help ease traffic congestion, lower pollution and prevent accidents.

» road accident = accidente de carretera, accidente de tráfico.

Example: Central Government holds a vast amount of information on pollution, road accidents, and weather patterns.

» skiing accident = accidente de esquí.

Example: Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was back on official duty today, her first engagement since her son's skiing accident.

» street accident = accidente en la calle.

Example: Such writing can spring off from things that happen in the local community such as robberies, things that happen in the local community: robberies, street accidents, big sports events, a strike and the like.

» traffic accident = accidente de tráfico.

Example: This article presents a fuzzy system of determining the required waiting period after traffic accidents.

» work-related accident = accidente laboral, siniestralidad laboral.

Example: The relatively high number of work-related accidents demonstrates a need for developing a sociology of occupational safety.

accident2 = casualidad, accidente, suceso. 

Example: Entries are created merely according to the accident of the appearance of words in titles.


» accident of birth = circunstancias de la vida. [En inglés esta expresión se refiere al entorno familiar y social en el que una persona se cría]

Example: But he will soon discover that even then all the accidents of birth, upbringing, education, and social history will prevent his truly knowing the very thing he wants to know -- how can a white man experience directly what it means to be a black man.

» accident of history = accidente de la historia.

Example: The self-styled Islamic State (IS) is an accident of history, emerging from multiple social, political and economic tensions in the Middle East and beyond.

» by accident = de casualidad, por casualidad, sin querer, accidentalmente.

Example: Discoveries are sometimes made by accident; they are never made by the dismayed or disheartened = A veces los descubrimientos se hacen por casualidad y nunca por los abatidos o los desmotivados.

» unavoidable accident = accidente inevitable.

Example: On occasions, interactions with protected species occur as a result of an unavoidable accident or incident.

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