Backward in spanish

Hacia atrás

pronunciation: ɑθiɑtɹ̩ɑs part of speech: adverb, adjective
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backward(s)1 = hacia atrás. 

Example: The tracing of citations backward in time creates a chain of relationships among documents, journals, scholars, and ideas.


» backward compatible = compatible con versiones anteriores.

Example: The problem with documents in PDF is that future generations of the software will not backward compatible.

» backward step = paso atrás.

Example: At first, displaying an image on a TV screen instead of providing the actual object may seem to be a backward step.

» clocks + go backward(s) = los relojes + atrasarse.

Example: This Sunday the clocks go backwards, so don't forget you have an extra hour in bed.

» lean back(wards) = retreparse, echarse para atrás.

Example: She leaned back and stared straight into the core of the light above, her eyes squinting.

» look like + Pronombre + have + been dragged through a hedge backwards = estar hecho un desastre, ir hecho un desastre.

Example: We eventually arrived all looking like we'd been dragged through a hedge backwards and in desperate need of sleep so we grabbed the first taxi we saw.

» page + backward = pasar hojas hacia atrás, ir hacia atrás.

Example: The borrower can page forward and backward, enter a new search term, switch to another file, do a truncated search, or end.

» step backward(s) = retroceso, regresión, paso hacia atrás.

Example: This is a major step backward in the ideology of bibliographic cataloging.

» take + a step back(ward(s)) = distanciarse, retroceder, pararse a pensar, detenerse a pensar, reflexionar, recapacitar.

Example: To make sure why we believe it important to bring up children as willing, avid, responsive readers of literature we have to take a step back and sort out why literature is important to ourselves.

» work backward = trabajar hacia atrás.

Example: When using a knapsack blower, the dermal exposure of the operator working forwards was 20 times higher than when he worked backwards.

backward2 = retrasado, atrasado. 

Example: There are no entries under the terms backward, Deficient, Handicapped, Mental deficiency, Mentally deficient despite the fact that Class JGJ is devoted to the teaching of Deficient, Handicapped, etc.


» backward-looking = conservador. [Que mira hacia atrás]

Example: The book is essentially backward-looking rather than forward-looking in content.

» backwardness = atraso, retraso, tercer mundismo. 

Example: Libraries in developing countries suffer from technological backwardness.

» backward region = región atrasada.

Example: The article 'Libraries in late Ottoman Palestine between the Orient and the Occident' reveals historically Palestine's transformation from a backward region of the Ottoman Empire to a focus for international.

» backward society = sociedad atrasada.

Example: For us not to be monickered as a backward society we should go with the flow -- in this age of globalization it is proper to communicate in the language understood by most.

» mentally backward = retrasado mental.

Example: When the security services carry out acts of terror, they employ patsies who often are petty criminals or people who are mentally backward or mentally unstable.

Backward synonyms

back in spanish: atrás, pronunciation: bæk part of speech: adverb reverse in spanish: marcha atrás, pronunciation: rɪvɜrs part of speech: noun, verb, adjective converse in spanish: conversar, pronunciation: kɑnvɜrs part of speech: noun, verb negative in spanish: negativo, pronunciation: negətɪv part of speech: adjective retrograde in spanish: retrógrado, pronunciation: retrəgreɪd part of speech: adjective inverse in spanish: inverso, pronunciation: ɪnvɜrs part of speech: noun bashful in spanish: tímido, pronunciation: bæʃfəl part of speech: adjective reflexive in spanish: reflexivo, pronunciation: rəfleksɪv part of speech: adjective backwards in spanish: hacia atrás, pronunciation: bækwɜrdz part of speech: adverb retarded in spanish: retrasado, pronunciation: rɪtɑrdɪd part of speech: adjective blate in spanish: flaquear, pronunciation: bleɪt part of speech: adjective transposed in spanish: transpuesto, pronunciation: trænspoʊzd part of speech: adjective retracted in spanish: retraído, pronunciation: ritræktəd part of speech: adjective reversed in spanish: invertido, pronunciation: rɪvɜrst part of speech: adjective rearward in spanish: hacia atrás, pronunciation: rɪrwɜrd part of speech: adjective retroflex in spanish: vuelto hacia atrás, pronunciation: rɪtroʊfləks part of speech: adjective retral in spanish: retral, pronunciation: retrəl part of speech: adjective cacuminal in spanish: cacuminal, pronunciation: kækjəmɪnəl part of speech: adjective feebleminded in spanish: débiles mentales, pronunciation: fibləmaɪndɪd part of speech: adjective rearwards in spanish: hacia atrás, pronunciation: rɪrwɜrdz part of speech: adverb backswept in spanish: atrasada, pronunciation: bækswept part of speech: adjective sweptback in spanish: peinado hacia atrás, pronunciation: sweptbæk part of speech: adjective self-referent in spanish: auto-referente, pronunciation: selfrefɜrent part of speech: adjective reversive in spanish: reversible, pronunciation: rɪvɜrsɪv part of speech: adjective retroflexed in spanish: retroflexado, pronunciation: retroʊflekst part of speech: adjective

Backward antonyms

forward pronunciation: fɔrwɜrd part of speech: adverb ahead pronunciation: əhed part of speech: adverb forwards pronunciation: fɔrwɜrdz part of speech: adverb frontward pronunciation: frʌntwɜrd part of speech: adverb forrad pronunciation: fɔrəd part of speech: adverb forrard pronunciation: fɔrɜrd part of speech: adverb frontwards pronunciation: frʌntwɜrdz part of speech: adverb
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