Caged in spanish


pronunciation: enxɑulɑdoʊ part of speech: verb, adjective
In gestures

cage2 = enjaular, encerrar en una jaula, meter en una jaula. 

Example: Librarians can be caged too tightly in restrictive management structures, whereas rapid development is going ahead in less restricted contexts.

caged = enjaulado. 

Example: When studied first at Dongwu University, I was most gratified by its well-stocked library and had the feeling of a caged bird set free to fly into the vast sky.


» battery-caged = de cría intensiva, de crianza intensiva.

Example: An inherent problem with all egg production, whether free-range or battery-caged, is the disposal of unwanted male chicks at the hatchery.

» caged animal = animal enjaulado.

Example: He felt trapped, like a caged animal, and his temper was fraying.
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