Cagey in spanish


pronunciation: kɑuteloʊsoʊ part of speech: adjective
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cag(e)y [cagier -comp., cagiest -sup.] = cauteloso. [Pincha en o en para ver otros adjetivos cuyo grados comparativos y superlativos se formas añadiendo "-er" o "-est" (o sus variantes "-r" o "-st") al final]

Example: After a cagey start, it was Newcastle who started to take control of the match and assert their authority.


» be cag(e)y about = andarse con rodeos, andarse por las ramas, andarse con tapujos, andarse con medias tintas, dar rodeos.

Example: The government is cagey about its plan for Britain's future relationship with the EU.

Cagey synonyms

smart in spanish: inteligente, pronunciation: smɑrt part of speech: adjective, noun clever in spanish: inteligente, pronunciation: klevɜr part of speech: adjective cautious in spanish: cauteloso, pronunciation: kɔʃəs part of speech: adjective chary in spanish: cauteloso, pronunciation: tʃɑri part of speech: adjective canny in spanish: astuto, pronunciation: kæni part of speech: adjective cagy in spanish: cauteloso, pronunciation: keɪdʒi part of speech: adjective
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