Dash in spanish


pronunciation: gioʊn part of speech: noun, verb
In gestures

dash (-)1 = guión (-). 

Example: Commas are used frequently as facet indicator, and the dash (-) is used to synthesise elements from different main classes.


» a dash of = un poquito de, una pizca de.

Example: In the humanistic perspective, the concern is with potential, unique capabilities, and dignity -- with a dash of joy to add zest.

» cut + a dash = llamar la atención, causar sensación, ser el centro de atención, ser el centro de todas las miradas.

Example: He soon cut a dash with his liberal but pragmatic solutions to problems besetting the building industry in Sydney.



» dash against = estrellarse contra, arremeter contra.

Example: On their way back the driver lost control over the wheel and the car dashed against a milestone and fell into the river.

» dash off = dibujar deprisa, escribir rápidamente.

Example: From the crude-yet-poignant scribblings of those children who witnessed the Rwandan massacres to the sweet psychedelic landscapes dashed off in fits of childhood exuberance.

» dash off = salir disparado, salir volando, salir pitando, irse corriendo, salir corriendo, salir apresuradamente, marcharse de prisa, marcharse apresuradamente, salir echando leches, salir como una flecha, salir echando humo.

Example: One at a time a bird lands, picks out a fat sunflower seed and then dashes off.

» dash off to = ir corriendo a.

Example: Why are some people always dashing off to meetings, but I only have the sessions and the exhibition to attend?.

» dash + Posesivo + hopes = frustrar las esperanzas, truncar la esperanza, defraudar, decepcionar.

Example: It was hoped that this meeting would bring about reinstatement of the library funds which were so massively cut a year ago; these hopes were soon dashed.

Dash synonyms

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