Easterly in spanish

Del este

pronunciation: deleste part of speech: adjective, adverb
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easterly = oriental, del este, hacia el este. 

Example: Byron Bay is Australia's most easterly point and has long been considered a sacred place by the Aboriginal people.


» easterly wind = viento del este, viento de levante.

Example: Easterly winds bring us this extreme cold and, unlike a northerly wind, the easterly wind only has a short distance to travel over the warming sea.

» in an easterly direction = en dirección este, rumbo al este, hacia el este.

Example: In the diagram below (Figure1) the cold front is moving in an easterly direction.

» northeasterly = del nordeste, del noreste.

Example: Which is the most northeasterly country on the mainland of Africa?.

» northeasterly = viento del nordeste, viento del noreste.

Example: The northeasterly blows from the interior to the coast in powerful gusts, bringing dry air and blowing away cloud.

» southeasterly = viento del sudeste, viento del sureste.

Example: The weather had turned and a southeasterly blew up along the beach, swirling the sand around them.

» southeasterly = del sudeste, del sureste.

Example: In fact, the highest risk comes not when northeasterly winds are low, but when the southeasterly trade winds drop off temporarily.

Easterly synonyms

east in spanish: este, pronunciation: ist part of speech: noun, adjective easter in spanish: Pascua de Resurrección, pronunciation: istɜr part of speech: noun eastern in spanish: oriental, pronunciation: istɜrn part of speech: adjective east wind in spanish: Viento del este, pronunciation: istwaɪnd part of speech: noun

Easterly antonyms

westerly pronunciation: westɜrli part of speech: adjective, adverb
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