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pronunciation: oʊɹ̩ientɑl part of speech: adjective
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eastern = oriental, del este. 

Example: He went on to explain that while there were no unsightly slums, there was a fairly large district of rather nondescript homes intermingled with plain two- and three-family brick and frame dwellings, principally in the eastern reaches of the city.


» Eastern bloc, the = bloque del este, el. [Expresión usualmente acompañada del artículo]

Example: While the number of projects proposed was innumerable, 3 barriers remain: red tape; hard currency; and Western barriers to providing high technology to the Eastern bloc.

» Eastern culture = cultura oriental.

Example: The authors report on a case study that highlights the problems of applying such a confrontational method in an Eastern culture, such as Hong Kong.

» Eastern Europe = Europa del Este.

Example: Dr Judy Batt set the political scene and traced the origin of changes in Eastern Europe including the Soviet Union.

» Eastern European = de Europa del Este.

Example: He noted that the Eastern European markets are largely underdeveloped.

» Eastern European country = país de Europa del Este.

Example: Eastern European countries longing for western scientific ties have wanted to participate in the Internet for a long time, but were excluded by government regulations.

» Eastern Hemisphere, the = hemisferio oriental, el.

Example: In addition, all countries west of the prime meridian are in the Western Hemisphere while those east of the prime meridian are in the Eastern Hemisphere.

» Eastern horizon, the = horizonte oriental, el.

Example: The ascendant is the point of intersection between the Eastern horizon and the ecliptic.

» easternmost = más oriental, más al este, más hacia el este.

Example: However, for practical the easternmost state is Maine, the northernmost and westernmost is Alaska, and the southernmost is Hawaii.

» Far Eastern = oriental, del Extremo Oriente.

Example: The Dutch, too, started making cigars using tobacco from their Far Eastern colonies.

» London and South Eastern Library Region (LASER) = Región Bibliotecaria de Londres y el Sudeste (LASER).

Example: The London and South Eastern Library Region (LASER) is an organisation for library co-operation within Greater London, and various counties in the South East of England.

» Middle Eastern = del Medio Oriente, del Oriente Medio.

Example: The author analyses the union catalogues of periodicals in Middle Eastern languages in UK libraries = El autor analiza los catálogos colectivos de publicaciones períodicas en las lenguas del Oriente Medio en las bibliotecas británicas.

» Near-Eastern = del Oriente Próximo, del Cercano Oriente.

Example: The hebrew, Arabic, and other Near-Eastern alphabets cut as type during the hand-press period for works of biblical exegesis were narrowly confined to specialist printers.

» northeastern [north eastern] = del nordeste, del noreste, nororiental.

Example: This article deals with the problems of providing library collection and acquisitions services to off-campus university students throughout a sparsely populated region of northeastern Ontario in Canada.

» southeastern [south eastern] = sudoriental, suroiental, del sudeste, del sureste.

Example: The London and South Eastern Library Region (LASER) is an organisation for library co-operation within Greater London, and various counties in the South East of England.

Eastern synonyms

east in spanish: este, pronunciation: ist part of speech: noun, adjective orient in spanish: orientar, pronunciation: ɔrient part of speech: noun, verb oriental in spanish: oriental, pronunciation: ɔrientəl part of speech: adjective, noun asian in spanish: asiático, pronunciation: eɪʒən part of speech: adjective, noun easterly in spanish: del este, pronunciation: istɜrli part of speech: adjective, adverb northeastern in spanish: del nordeste, pronunciation: nɔrθistɜrn part of speech: adjective southeastern in spanish: del sudeste, pronunciation: saʊθistɜrn part of speech: adjective mid-atlantic in spanish: atlántico medio, pronunciation: mɪdætlæntɪk part of speech: adjective east-central in spanish: centro-este, pronunciation: istsentrəl part of speech: adjective middle atlantic in spanish: atlántico medio, pronunciation: mɪdələtlæntɪk part of speech: adjective

Eastern antonyms

western pronunciation: westɜrn part of speech: adjective, noun
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