Falteringly in spanish


pronunciation: fɑlsɑmente part of speech: adverb
In gestures

falteringly1 = titubeando, entrecortadamente, con voz entrecortada. 

Example: Falteringly, but earnestly he read the story and when he finished, he put his head down on the table and sobbed.

falteringly2 = a tropezones. 

Example: They were like two ships sailing in basically the same direction -- but one doing it hesitantly and falteringly and the other doing it well.

Falteringly synonyms

uncertainly in spanish: inciertamente, pronunciation: ənsɜrtənli part of speech: adverb unsteadily in spanish: inestable, pronunciation: ənstedəli part of speech: adverb

Falteringly antonyms

steady pronunciation: stedi part of speech: adjective steadily pronunciation: stedəli part of speech: adverb
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