Friend in spanish


pronunciation: ɑmigoʊ part of speech: noun
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friend1 = amigo. 

Example: Tom Hernandez tried not to show how sad he felt about his friends' leaving, and managed to keep up a cheerful facade until the party broke up.


» a dog is man's best friend = el perro es el mejor amigo del hombre.

Example: If a dog is man's best friend, and diamonds are a girl's best friend, which is the dumber sex?.

» a friend in need is a friend indeed = un amigo en la necesidad es un amigo de verdad, un amigo en la adversidad es un amigo de verdad, en la necesidad se conoce al amigo, en las malas se conoce a los amigos, en la necesidad se demuestra la amistad.

Example: It is heartening to hear that people have been lending unwavering support to that country, proving that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

» a set of + friends = un grupo de amigos.

Example: Going to university for the first time can be a daunting prospect, what with moving away from home and meeting a whole new set of friends.

» be back to being friends = volver a ser amigos.

Example: Tonight let's be lovers, and tomorrow you're back to your man, I'm back to my world and we're back to being friends.

» befriend = hacer amistad con, hacerse amigo de. 

Example: He needs other people to befriend him or to draw him out of his shell.

» be + friends with = ser amigo de.

Example: Despite their romantic past, the duo are strictly platonic today and are friends with each other, and each other's spouse.

» be + Posesivo + best friend = ser + Posesivo + mejor amigo.

Example: The phone was her worst enemy and her best friend but she never knew which until she answered it.

» Posesivo + best friend = Posesivo + mejor amigo.

Example: The next best thing to getting married to a man you love and having a family is shagging your best friend (who happens to be gay) and having a family.

» best friend = dormir con el enemigo.

Example: She was a spy who slept with the enemy in order to obtain information.

» boyfriend = novio, maromo.

Example: To work as a librarian is so terribly respectable that young lady trainees at library school have been known to try to keep their specialism a secret from young men so as not to prejudice their chances of acquiring boyfriends.

» childhood friend = amigo de la niñez.

Example: There, he discovers that his childhood friend, the town fool, Travis, has been incarcerated for burning down a farm.

» circle of friends = círculo de amigos, corrillo de amigos.

Example: 'You always seems so involved with your circle of friends'.

» clan of friends = grupo de amigos.

Example: Children have a group, social life; they belong to a clan of friends.

» close friend = allegado, amigo cercano, amigo íntimo.

Example: A Manlius man died in a car crash early Sunday while driving back to college in Florida after spending the holidays with family, a close friend said.

» coterie of friends = camarilla de amigos, corrillo de amigos.

Example: She had a coterie of friends in Hollywood and New York who were always bowing and scraping to her for decades out of fear.

» dead men have no friends = el muerto al hoyo y el vivo al bollo.

Example: Dead men have no friends; consequently, Israel must abandon its love affair with its putative, feckless friends and kill, once for all, its mortal foes.

» fair-weather friend = amigo de conveniencia.

Example: She is suffering alone and I will never forgive her fair-weather friends for not standing up when they were needed.

» false friend = amigo falso.

Example: False friends are worst than bitter enemies.

» family friend = amigo de la familia.

Example: She and her mother were shot in their vehicle by a family friend who then turned the gun on himself.

» find + friends = encontrar simpatizantes, encontrar partidarios.

Example: It is the ideology which was urged against Panizzi and was cogently disproved by him before the Royal Commission but whose seductive simplicity has always found friends to keep it alive.

» Posesivo + four-legged friend = Posesivo + mejor amigo. [Forma cariñosa de referirse generalmente al perro]

Example: 'Tis the season for gift-giving, and you shouldn't forget the four-legged friends on your list.

» friend or foe = amigo o enemigo.

Example: A mind reading helmet could allow military bosses to tell if new captured enemies are friend or foe.

» friendship = amistad, compañerismo. 

Example: Friendship and mentoring are considered as a predominant influence in their work.

» Friends of the Library = Amigos de la Biblioteca.

Example: They drove from the airport to the restaurant where he was to dine with the president of the 'Friends of the Library group = Fueron en coche desde el aeropuerto al restaurante donde él había quedado para cenar con el presidente del grupo "Amigos de la Biblioteca".

» girlfriend = novia, amiga.

Example: The author looks at problems facing US publishers Little Brown over several of their new offerings, including a book by O. J. Simpson's girlfriend Paula Barberi.

» go back to being + friends = volver a ser amigos.

Example: We sorta dated briefly, but we went back to being friends.

» good friend = buen amigo.

Example: Ask the children whether the agree or disagree with the statement 'To have good friends, you must be a good friend'.

» hang out with + Posesivo + friends = pasar el rato con los amigos.

Example: By serving teens in this way, libraries not only give young adults a safe place to hang out with their friends, they also encourage teens to identify themselves as library users.

» have + friends in high places = tener amigos en las altas esferas, tener amigos influyentes.

Example: You have often seen lawbreakers go free when they demonstrate they have friends in high places.

» inseparable friend = amigo inseparable.

Example: They were inseparable friends as kids, now they're about to come man and wife.

» intimate friend = amigo íntimo, amigo de confianza.

Example: She was his only intimate friend for years before he died, for he was a most lonely forsaken man.

» invisible friend = amigo invisible, amigo secreto.

Example: Having an invisible friend is a normal part of a child's development and can signify a very active imagination.

» Posesivo + lady friend = Posesivo + compañera (sentimental).

Example: He met his lady friend and the two headed to the town square where a band was playing.

» lose + a friend = perder un amigo.

Example: The title of the article is 'Winning funds without losing friends'.

» make + a friend = hacer un amigo, hacer amistad.

Example: When a child is turned on to books and reading, a lifelong 'friend' of the library has been made.

» make + friends with = hacer amistad con, hacerse amigo de.

Example: The article is entitled 'Making friends with the Web: traditional vendors must accept the Web, or die a horrible death'.

» make + friends with the enemy = hacer amistad con el enemigo, confraternizar con el enemigo.

Example: Another problem was nursing a grudge, making friends with the enemies to get back to someone whom she thought was a thorn in her flesh.

» meet + a friend = encontrarse con un amigo.

Example: He said she was intending to catch the bus to Doncaster town centre where she was going to meet a friend.

» meet + a new friend = conocer a un nuevo amigo, hacer un nuevo amigo.

Example: Drama groups are a good way to meet new friends and to take part in a theatre production.

» old friend = familiar, conocido.

Example: The Web's full embrace of constant change means that even old friend sites may be unrecognisable after technology facelifts.

» old friend = viejo amigo, conocido.

Example: To take an obvious example, in a new catalog how does our old friend the main entry fare?.

» penfriend [pen-friend] = amigo por correspondencia.

Example: The story relates the experiences of a young conscript whose desire for an amorous adventure with one of his many female penfriends results in a loveless and unhappy marriage.

» plumber's friend = desatascador.

Example: Fortunately, most toilet bowls can be unclogged with a plunger, often referred to as a plumber's friend.

» remain + friends with = seguir siendo amigo de, continuar la amistad con.

Example: All relationships are different, as are the people in them, so if you want to try to remain friends with an ex, I wish you the best of luck.

» stay + friends with = seguir siendo amigo de, continuar la amistad con.

Example: For many of us, the idea of staying friends with an ex is hard to stomach.

» toxic friend = mala compañía.

Example: Be aware of toxic friends and avoid these ten types of friends who can do more bad than good in your life.

» true friend = amigo verdadero, amigo de verdad.

Example: 'You are a true friend, Jeanne,' the secretary smiled, relieved.

» win + friends = hacer amigos.

Example: Thus, self-presentation becomes a dynamic conception of people structuring their relations apropos to their life-space, rather than a theory of how to win friends and influence people.

friend2 = hacer amistades. [Usado cada vez más en el contexto de Internet]

Example: Friending someone on a social network has become an every day activity.

Friend synonyms

ally in spanish: aliado, pronunciation: ælaɪ part of speech: noun protagonist in spanish: protagonista, pronunciation: proʊtægənəst part of speech: noun acquaintance in spanish: conocido, pronunciation: əkweɪntəns part of speech: noun champion in spanish: campeón, pronunciation: tʃæmpiən part of speech: noun booster in spanish: aumentador de presión, pronunciation: bustɜr part of speech: noun quaker in spanish: cuáquero, pronunciation: kweɪkɜr part of speech: noun confederate in spanish: confederado, pronunciation: kənfedɜrət part of speech: adjective, noun supporter in spanish: seguidor, pronunciation: səpɔrtɜr part of speech: noun admirer in spanish: admirador, pronunciation: ædmaɪrɜr part of speech: noun

Friend antonyms

foe pronunciation: foʊ part of speech: noun enemy pronunciation: enəmi part of speech: noun
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