Gallop in spanish


pronunciation: gɑloʊpe part of speech: noun, verb
In gestures

gallop1 = galope. 

Example: It was a popular question and most people had an opinion about it but no one could prove whether a horse ever lifts all of its four legs during a gallop.


» at a gallop = a galope.

Example: I find canter easiest to ride because sometimes at a gallop horses can be very hard to pull up.

» at full gallop = a todo galope, a toda velocidad.

Example: He was soon at the door in his van, as merry as a lark, when I mounted and we started off at a full gallop.

gallop2 = galopar, precipitarse, avanzar rápidamente. 

Example: We must ensure that IFLA is positioned to represent the world wide library and information profession as we gallop towards the information society = Debemos asegurarnos de que la IFLA pueda representar a la profesión de bibliotecario y documentalista de todo el mundo conforme nos precipitamos hacia la sociedad de la información.

Gallop synonyms

extend in spanish: ampliar, pronunciation: ɪkstend part of speech: verb
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