Icecream in spanish


pronunciation: elɑdoʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

ice cream = helado. 

Example: This article reports on the modification and use of a supermarket ice cream freezer to exterminate insects.


» ice cream cone = barquillo, cucurucho.

Example: To recall many of the events I simply have to see ice cream cones and the long days of summers of a simpler time of life can be relived.

» ice cream man = heladero, vendedor de helados.

Example: He abandoned West Africa for a better life in America, trying his hand as an ice cream man.

» ice cream parlour = heladería.

Example: With that phrase, Farrell's Ice Cream Parlours spread throughout the United States, with nearly 130 parlours from coast to coast.

» ice cream scoop = cuchara para servir helado.

Example: Use an ice cream scoop to dollop small rounds of batter onto the hot skillet, dragging the batter a bit to create somewhat oblong shapes.

» ice cream soda = sorbete de helado, sorbete.

Example: This strawberry ice cream soda recipe is made with cream soda and strawberries and strawberry ice cream.

» ice cream sundae = copa de helado.

Example: He has eaten so many ice cream sundaes the last few weeks, he has gone up a belt size.

» strawberry ice cream = helado de fresa.

Example: This strawberry shake is made with both fresh strawberries and strawberry ice cream, blended with milk, sugar and ice.

» vanilla ice cream = helado de vainilla.

Example: This fresh strawberry milkshake recipe uses fresh strawberries, milk, vanilla ice cream and a touch of brown sugar.
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