Ideological in spanish


pronunciation: ideoʊloʊxikoʊ part of speech: adjective
In gestures

ideological = ideológico. 

Example: Some of the proposals brought forth in this connection represent not technological progress but rather ideological retrogression.


» ideological conflict = conflicto ideológico.

Example: Political conflicts may be resolved through negotiations whereas religious or ideological conflicts may never be resolved.

» ideological framework = marco ideológico.

Example: Religion and Christian missionaries formed part of the complex ideological framework associated with colonialism.

» ideological stance = postura ideológica.

Example: I know folk are very passionate about politics and can fight tooth and nail to defend their particular ideological stance.

Ideological synonyms

philosophical in spanish: filosófico, pronunciation: fɪləsɑfɪkəl part of speech: adjective philosophic in spanish: filosófico, pronunciation: fɪləsɑfɪk part of speech: adjective ideologic in spanish: ideologico, pronunciation: aɪdiəlɑdʒɪk part of speech: adjective
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