Ignorance in spanish


pronunciation: ignoʊɹ̩ɑnθiɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

ignorance = ignorancia. 

Example: The searcher may be the end user, but the end user is approaching the search in some ignorance of his real requirements, or of the literature that might be available to meet those requirements.


» gross ignorance = ignorance crasa, ignorancia supina.

Example: Data from a nation-wide survey reveal gross ignorance of major events, personalities, documents, and literary classics in Western civilisation.

» ignorance is bliss = ignorancia es felicidad, la; ojos que no ven corazón que no siente.

Example: 'Ignorance is bliss,' he liked to say, when refusing to embark upon a project that takes skills he doesn't have = "La ignorancia es felicidad," le gustaba decir, cuando rechazaba implicarse en un proyecto para el que no tenia cualidades.

» ignorance is very daring = ignorancia es muy atrevida, la.

Example: That's easy to say when the war and the bombs explode overseas -- ignorance is very daring.
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