Jelly in spanish


pronunciation: xelɑtinɑ part of speech: noun
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jelly1 = mermelada. 

Example: The article 'The best of both worlds (peanut butter and jelly)' describes several applications for computer graphics software in libraries.


» quince jelly = carne de membrillo, dulce de membrillo.

Example: The importance of pectin in food is its ability to form the gels that are the basis fruit preserves such as orange marmalade, peach jam, and quince jelly.

» royal jelly = jalea real.

Example: By preventing poor eating habits, diseases and retrograde behaviour, the consumption of honey and royal jelly could prove that the reintroduction of natural foods will protect the human body.

jelly2 = gelatina. 

Example: Artificially flavored jellies, soft drinks and candies have different flavors due to the use of different scents or fragrances.


» jelly sweet = caramelo de gelatina.

Example: One of the most famous sweets in the world, wine gums are delicious fruit-flavoured jelly sweets that, despite their name, contain no alcohol.

» petroleum jelly = vaselina.

Example: Doctors like mine have been recommending petroleum jelly for more than 100 years.

Jelly synonyms

gelatin in spanish: gelatina, pronunciation: dʒelətən part of speech: noun jellify in spanish: cuajar, pronunciation: dʒeləfaɪ part of speech: verb
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