Magical in spanish


pronunciation: mɑxikoʊ part of speech: adjective
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magical = mágico, fantástico, cautivador, seductor. 

Example: The author discusess the magical effect of books on special needs children.


» magical power = poder mágico.

Example: It is difficult to explain the seductive, suggestive, 'magical' power of images anthropologically.

Magical synonyms

magic in spanish: mágico, pronunciation: mædʒɪk part of speech: noun, adjective charming in spanish: encantador, pronunciation: tʃɑrmɪŋ part of speech: adjective wizard in spanish: mago, pronunciation: wɪzɜrd part of speech: noun supernatural in spanish: sobrenatural, pronunciation: supɜrnætʃɜrəl part of speech: adjective, noun witching in spanish: brujería, pronunciation: wɪtʃɪŋ part of speech: adjective, noun sorcerous in spanish: hechicero, pronunciation: sɔrsɜrəs part of speech: adjective wizardly in spanish: mágico, pronunciation: wɪzɜrdli part of speech: adjective
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