Pagan in spanish


pronunciation: pɑgɑnoʊ part of speech: adjective, noun
In gestures

pagan1 = pagano. [Nombre]

Example: Being able to read, they would read seditious literature and become pagans and insolent towards their superiors.

pagan2 = pagano. [Adjetivo]

Example: Most of these libraries were destroyed when the Emperor Constantine ordered Christian churches to be built on the sites of the pagan temples -- these housed many of the libraries.

Pagan synonyms

heathen in spanish: pagano, pronunciation: hiðən part of speech: noun, adjective gentile in spanish: gentil, pronunciation: dʒentaɪl part of speech: adjective, noun infidel in spanish: infiel, pronunciation: ɪnfɪdel part of speech: noun irreligious in spanish: irreligioso, pronunciation: ɪrilɪdʒəs part of speech: adjective heathenish in spanish: pagano, pronunciation: heðənɪʃ part of speech: adjective
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