Radiocarbon in spanish


pronunciation: rɑdioʊkɑɹ̩boʊnoʊ part of speech: noun
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radiocarbon = radiocarbono. 

Example: The recent study of archeological remains, particularly radiocarbon research, indicates that India has a very rich prehistory going back into the late Pleistocene period.


» radiocarbon date = datar por radiocarbono, datar por carbono 14.

Example: One of these contained an inhumation which was radiocarbon dated to the Iron Age.

» radiocarbon dating = datación por radiocarbono, datación por carbono 14.

Example: Also shown is how archaeology, as represented by radiocarbon dating, relates to other subjects.

Radiocarbon synonyms

carbon 14 in spanish: , pronunciation: kɑrbən part of speech: noun
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