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pronunciation: rieles part of speech: noun
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rail1 = raíl. 

Example: Most such shelving moves in a perpendicular direction on rails mounted on the floor.


» as thin as a rail = como un fideo, hecho un fideo, más seco que la mojama, tan seco como la mojama, más seco que el ojo de un tuerto, tan seco como el ojo de un tuerto, más seco que una pasa, tan seco como una pasa, más chupado que la pipa de un indio, tan chupado como la pipa de un indio.

Example: Her constitution was such that no matter what she ate she remained thin as a rail.

» come off + the rails = descarrilar, descarrilarse, salirse de las vías, salirse de los raíles.

Example: Eight freight train cars came off the rails and toppled over near downtown Tucson.

» come off + the rails = descarrilarse, perder el control.

Example: Just as he is packing his bags, there are worrying signs that the Canadian economy is coming off the rails.

» curtain rail = raíl, raíl de cortina.

Example: Unlike curtain rails, curtain poles do not have so many wall brackets.

» go off + the rails = descarriarse, desviarse del buen camino, apartarse del buen camino, volverse loco, volverse majareta.

Example: He never had issues with alcohol as a teen with going off the rails etc as he was used to have a sip of wine now and then with dinner or at Crimbo.

» grab rail = pasamanos, agarradero, asidero.

Example: This library van was custom built for the needs of older people and those with mobility problems, and incorporates a lift, grab rails, and comfortable seating.

» guard rail = barandilla.

Example: In the home, the risk factors include poor lighting, loose rugs, slippery or uneven surfaces and stairways or steps without banisters or guard rails.

» handrail = pasamanos.

Example: The library has installed handrails to guide handicapped patrons to automatic sliding doors.

» jump (off) + the rails = descarrilar, descarrilarse, salirse de las vías, salirse de los raíles.

Example: Thirty-one cars jumped off the rails, and several burst open, spilling about 240,000 gallons of anhydrous ammonia, a toxic compound commonly used as a fertilizer.

» jump (off) + the rails = descarrilarse, perder el control.

Example: Maria Sharapova, the poster child (sometimes literally) for today's Russia, appears to have jumped the rails even as her country does the same.

» side rail = baranda, barandilla, lateral.

Example: The driver whipped the horses into action, and I gripped the side rails of the chariot as we bucketed through the streets of Gebtu.

rail2 = ferrocarril. 

Example: The main mode of transportation is by truck, although some is by rail and a minute part by stationwagons.


» rail facilities = servicios de trenes.

Example: It occupies 15 square miles on the shore of Lake Tiemblo, and because of its location astride major rail and highway facilities it is a center of industry and shopping.

» railhead = cabeza de línea.

Example: It wasn't long before the idea of a railhead was the talk of the town.

» rail line = línea de ferrocarril.

Example: From Glasgow, rail lines radiate in most directions.

» rail link = línea de ferrocarril.

Example: Wangaratta is strategically placed on the direct rail link between Melbourne and Sydney.

» rail network = red de ferrocarriles, red ferroviaria.

Example: Presumably there are plenty more examples like this across the British rail network, I just decided to pick on this one because it winds me up each time I travel to Brighton.

» rail pass = abono de tren.

Example: These rail passes are available to everybody except Australian citizens.

» railroad(s) = ferrocarril, línea de ferrocarril.

Example: The article 'Libraries and the railroads -- or sitting on a siding watching the freight trains go by' compares the possible future of libraries and information centres with the state of US railways.

» rail yard = estación de tren.

Example: Rail yards dispatcher must determine how cars are transferred from one inbound train to another outbound train and what is the makeup of each outbound train, how to use yard engines, and how to arrange yard track occupation.

rail against3 = quejarse, protestar, denunciar. 

Example: She has vented her frustration over the nation's over-zealous traffic wardens and railed against the littered streets.

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track in spanish: , pronunciation: træk part of speech: noun rail in spanish: , pronunciation: reɪl part of speech: noun
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