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pronunciation: soʊftɑɹ̩e part of speech: noun
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software = software, programas informáticos. [Conjunto de instrucciones secuenciales que, transmitidas al equipo físico de un ordenador, permiten la realización de un proceso de datos con un determinado fin. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que acaban con este sufijo]

Example: Software is the programs or lists of instructions which are necessary to enable a computer system to conduct specific tasks.


» access software = programas de acceso. [Programas de acceso a la información contenida en las bases de datos]

Example: This paper lists areas of user expectations in access software for CD-ROM and other optical products.

» antivirus software = programa antivirus, antivirus.

Example: The author explains the techniques employed by antivirus software and offers advice and resources for choosing the right product.

» application(s) software = aplicación informática.

Example: There are three sources of applications software: (a) bought off-the-shelf; (b) commissioned from a software house; (c) written in-house, either by the librarian or by the computer staff.

» a suite of office automation software = un paquete ofimático integrado.

Example: This workstation offers on-line searching and downloading and subsequent manipulation of search results, access to CD-ROMs, access to other packages such as AIM and Dawson's serials system, SMS and access to a suite of office automation software.

» basic software = programas básicos.

Example: Often referred to as utilities, basic software packages are available for performing basic operations such as data entry and validation, sorting and merging files and editing data.

» browser software = programa de acceso a Internet, programa cliente. [Programa instalado en un ordenador personal que permite acceder y presentar información en Internet como Netscape and Internet Explorer]

Example: The author describes a strategy using free browser software to deliver local information on the Internet.

» burning software = programa de grabación en CD, software de grabación en CD.

Example: I am using Nero as a burning software and I need to use a multi-session backup in order to burn to disc the images at the end of each working day.

» cash management software = programa de gestión financiera.

Example: Cash management software enables the manager to obtain instantaneous information about the budgets and bank balances under his control.

» CD-ROM software = programa en CD-ROM.

Example: This article examines 3 different types of user -- the dabbler, the researcher and the beginner -- and their possible reactions to CD-ROM software.

» commercial software = software comercial, programas comerciales, aplicaciones comerciales, programas informáticos comerciales.

Example: Commercial software is used ranging from games to tutorial programs, including computer languages and programming.

» communication software = programa de comunicaciones.

Example: Remote users can now access and download data using a microcomputer and one of several commercially available communication software packages.

» communications software = software de comunicaciones, programa de comunicaciones.

Example: Microcomputers with communications software are replacing the older dumb terminals for remote access to on-line data bases.

» computer software = software informático, programas informáticos.

Example: A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a collection of computer hardware and software that enables geographic or spatial data to be recorded, manipulated and presented to the user.

» content management software (CMS) = gestor de contenidos.

Example: Content management software (CMS) provides a platform for managing the creation, editing, distribution, and storage of structured and unstructured content = El sistema de gestión de contenido (el CMS) proporciona una plataforma para gestionar la creación, edición, distribución, y el almacenamiento del contenido tanto estructurado como sin estructurar.

» crack + encryption software = descodificar una programa de encriptación.

Example: However, the encryption software which prevents users from searching for a name and address by entering a telephone number had not been cracked.

» database management software = programa de gestión de bases de datos. [Programa que permite almacenar y manipular datos]

Example: Print records or save them in a text file for use with your word-processing or database-management software.

» database software = base de datos.

Example: A transfer format may be specified if the report is to be used with spreadsheets or other database software.

» document management software = gestor documental.

Example: This article suggests document management software as a new approach to managing small or large files of evidentiary documents.

» filtering software = software de filtrado, programa filtro, aplicación filtro, software filtro. [En Internet, aplicación que se utiliza para impedir, filtar o vigilar el acceso a un servidor o a una intranet]

Example: The article 'Filtering software: regular or decaf?' explains that most vendors define filtering software as that which blocks, filters, or monitors Internet use.

» free software = software libre.

Example: Free software is software that gives you the user the freedom to share, study and modify it.

» front-end computer software = software de interfaz de usuario.

Example: This article discusses the emergence of front-end computer software to facilitate the needs of the growing hordes of end-users = Este artículo trata de la aparición de los software de interfaz de usuario para facilitar las necesidades de una multitud cada vez mayor de usuarios.

» front end software = software de interfaz de usuario.

Example: Librarians have tended to view front end software and end user searching suspiciously in the past.

» HyperCard software = programas HyperCard.

Example: This article describes some of the authoring tools available for use with Apple Computer's HyperCard software to permit the integration of voice to produce multimedia applications.

» information retrieval software = programa de gestión documental.

Example: As mini and micro computers become cheaper and information retrieval software becomes available in more financially attractive, user friendly and tried and tested packages, the trend towards local mechanized information retrieval systems is likely to be reinforced.

» information software package = gestor de información.

Example: The Institute was made a distribution centre for UNESCO's information software package CDS/ISIS = El Instituto pasó a ser centro de distribución del gestor de información CDS/ISIS de la UNESCO .

» intelligent software = software inteligente.

Example: Intelligent software that brings rough sketches to life in a virtual world is promising to revolutionise the way children learn and to help engineers.

» language-learning sofware = programa para el aprendizaje de idiomas, software para el aprendizaje de idiomas.

Example: We can give advice on all major makes of language laboratory and language learning software.

» library automation software = programas de automatización de bibliotecas.

Example: Information Today, Inc. and I are teaming to create a series of articles to be published in Computers in Libraries which will provide user ratings of library automation software.

» library software developer = programador de aplicaciones bibliotecarias.

Example: Very few libraries have implemented OSI applications and many library software developers still see OSI as irrelevant to their needs and inappropriate for the resources at their disposal.

» library software package = programa de gestión bibliotecaria.

Example: The evaluation and selection of a library software package, whether it be for library housekeeping, text retrieval or the creation of some other data base should be approached as a project.

» log analysis software = programa de análisis de ficheros de transacciones.

Example: The author provides advice on choosing log analysis software.

» malicious software = software maligno, programa maligno.

Example: This article discusses the various types of malicious software, particularly computer viruses.

» map software = programas para la gestión de mapas.

Example: This article describes attempts by manufacturers, retailers and distributors of map software to persuade booksellers in the USA to carry their products.

» metering software = programa de medición de los recursos usados.

Example: Metering software, used to measure customer usage of an electronic file, provides valuable information on what information customers are using.

» mimicry software = programa de imitación.

Example: Mimicry software mimics -- through free viewer programs -- the look and feel of an original document thus solving the problems in electronic document delivery caused by different platforms and software = Los programas de imitación emulan, usando visualizadores gratis, el aspecto de los documentos originales resolviendo de este modo los problemas de la difusión de documentos electrónicos causados por el hecho de que provienen de diferentes aplicaciones y plataformas.

» MOO (Multi-user Object Oriented) software = programa MOO (multiusuarios y orientado a objetos). [En Internet, entorno virtual donde el usuario se mueve a través de hiperenlaces]

Example: Based on free multi-user, online, object-oriented (MOO) software, low-cost virtual libraries are a reality on the Internet.

» office software = ofimática, aplicaciones ofimáticas.

Example: Every librarian should understand office software such as word processing, spreadsheets, and databases.

» off-the-shelf software = programa informático comercial.

Example: This is one area in which off-the-shelf software will be of little use, except perhaps for very general introductions.

» open software = software abierto.

Example: This is an excellent international and interdisciplinary repository of the latest research and thinking on free and open software movements and practices.

» open source software = software de código abierto, programa de código abierto, aplicación de código abierto.

Example: From a historical perspective, open source software seems to be a particular case of what Robert C. Allen has termed 'collective invention'.

» personal bibliographic software = programa de gestión bibliográfica personal.

Example: The system is based on an innovative personal bibliographic software for capturing and reformatting data from different sources.

» pre-written software = programa informático comercial.

Example: The title of the article is 'Pre-written software: identification, evaluation and selection'.

» proprietary software = software patentado, software comercial, aplicaciones comerciales.

Example: We found these to be proprietary software that requires our clients to have the same software loaded on their computers in order to view the downloaded sites.

» public domain software = programa de dominio público.

Example: Shareware, public domain software, and demos can legally be copied and distributed.

» retrieval software = programas de recuperación.

Example: SilverPlatter were chosen because of the flexibility of their retrieval software and their participation in other CD-ROM projects such as LISA.

» search software = programa de búsqueda.

Example: Now ISI has added to its compact disc line the Social Sciences Citation Index and new, improved search software.

» search software package = programa de búsqueda. [Programa especialmente desarrollado para facilitar las búsquedas en bases de datos de acceso en línea a los usuarios]

Example: A study was designed to address this question, particularly as applied to clinicians and user-friendly search software package such as Grateful Med.

» server software program = programa servidor.

Example: In the Internet, a client is a software program that is used to contact and obtain data from a server software program on another computer, often across a great distance.

» software agent = agente informático.

Example: A software agent named SiteHelper is designed to act as a housekeeper for the Web server and as a helper for a Web user tofind relevant information at a particular site.

» software demo = demostración de programa, demostración de software.

Example: The deadline for the submission of proposals for papers, poster presentations, sessions and software demos is November 22nd, 2004.

» software developer = programador.

Example: With the hardware standards for CD-ROM basically established, it is now up to software developers to provide efficient indexing and retrieval software.

» software development = desarrollo de programas, desarrollo de aplicaciones, programación.

Example: The company now has offices in the UK, the USA and Asia, and has branched out into consultancy and software development.

» software engineering = ingeniería de software.

Example: This article examines the potential power of hypertext technology for the domains of journal and book publishing, insurance policy management, and software engineering.

» software house = productor de software.

Example: There are three sources of applications software: (a) bought off-the-shelf; (b) commissioned from a software house; (c) written in-house, either by the librarian or by the computer staff.

» software industry, the = industria del software, la.

Example: This case is important because it demonstrates the high stakes inherent in the software industry.

» software library = colección de programas informáticos.

Example: In addition, a software library is being developed at which potential users can `browse' amongst the software and its documentation.

» software obsolescence = obsolescencia del software.

Example: But even keeping a step ahead of data decay and software obsolescence is no guarantee of escaping the problem.

» software package = paquete de programas de ordenador.

Example: A software package is a set of programs intended to achieve a specific objective, or designed to instruct the computer to execute a set of tasks in order to organise information in a pre-assigned manner.

» software packager = programa de montaje de aplicaciones.

Example: This software packager allows programmers to deal with interfaces between software components and ignore complex integration details.

» software producer = productor de software.

Example: In the case of a software protection program, the producer claimed breach of license agreement against a software producer whose software unlocks the protection program.

» software program = programa, software, aplicación.

Example: In the Internet, a client is a software program that is used to contact and obtain data from a server software program on another computer, often across a great distance.

» software protection program(me) = programa de protección. [En tecnología de la información, programa de ordenador que utilizan los productores de aplicaciones de ordenador para proteger la copia indebida de las mismas]

Example: In the case of a software protection program, the producer claimed breach of license agreement against a software producer whose software unlocks the protection program.

» software suite = paquete integrado de programas, paquete ofimático.

Example: The team decided to base the software on an existing computer teleconferencing system rather than produce a new software suite.

» software support = apoyo técnico de aplicaciones informáticas.

Example: The cost of software support -- which can be as much as 10% of the purchase price per year -- will have to be included in costings.

» software system = software, programa informático, aplicación.

Example: READS is a software system designed to run on a local area network (LAN) file server and accessed by multiple workstation.

» supported software = programa informático con mantenimiento incluido.

Example: This article briefly describes the sales performances of each of 17 vendors of turnkey systems and of each of 8 vendors of supported software.

» tailor-made software = programa informático hecho por encargo, programa personalizado, software personalizado.

Example: The amount of programming required for complex tailor-made software can be reduced considerably by the use of a 'programmable' DBMS such as Dbase II.

» text-processing software = procesador de textos.

Example: Since 1981, a lower-cost option for text processing has been available: the personal computer with text-processing software.

» thesaurus software = gestor de tesauros.

Example: All 3 products comply with the minimum standards of a thesaurus software.

» turnkey software system = programa informático comercial, sistema de llave en mano.

Example: This article presents an annual survey of turnkey software systems commercially available for the automation of records management functions.

» user-supported software = software gratuito, programa gratuito.

Example: This article suggests that a natural adjunct to loaning commercial software and maintaining public-access microcomputers is the acquisition of an appropriate self-service collection of public-domain and user-supported software which patrons can copy and keep.

» word processing software = procesador de textos.

Example: Word processing software available for use on mainframe computers, microcomputers and word processors was originally designed for application where it is convenient to be able to store a text, then recall this text, and re-use it with minor modifications, at a later date.

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software system in spanish: , pronunciation: sɔftwersɪstəm part of speech: noun

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hardware pronunciation: hɑrdwer part of speech: noun computer hardware pronunciation: kəmpjutɜrhɑrdwer part of speech: noun
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