Umbrella in spanish


pronunciation: pɑɹ̩ɑguɑs part of speech: noun
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umbrella1 = paraguas, sombrilla. 

Example: Enquiries such as 'Can you make me a list of the export figures for umbrellas for each year since 1880?' goes beyond what is reasonable to ask a librarian.


» umbrella heater = estufa de/para exterior, calefactor de/para exterior, estufa de jardín, estufa de patio.

Example: Many pubs have put large umbrella heaters outside so their customers don't get too cold while smoking.

» umbrella stand = paragüero.

Example: Occasionally charts or maps are rolled up and stored in cardboard rolls housed in a structure like an umbrella stand.

umbrella2 = organismo que actúa en representación de otros. 

Example: The whole of this service is designed as an umbrella to support the regional networks of library provision.


» bring under + Nombre + umbrella = acoger bajo la tutela de Uno, acoger bajo la representación de Uno.

Example: It might be possible for libraries to bring under their umbrella those information agencies receiving funds from local government.

» fall under + the umbrella of = entrar dentro del dominio de.

Example: Traditional classification schemes are found unsuitable for women's issues because they do not cover the length and breath of issues which now fall under the umbrella of women and development.

» umbrella organisation = organización que actúa en representación de otras. [Organización que actúa como portavoz de otras organizaciones]

Example: For example, Aslib acted as a kind of umbrella organization for the six libraries taking part in the Research Project.

umbrella3 = término global. 

Example: This article explains that resource sharing can cover a broad spectrum of activities under the umbrella of cooperation.

umbrella4 = tutelar, representante. [Que actúa como portavoz de otros organismos]

Example: SCOCLIS is the umbrella body for the 30 UK local networks which deal in commercial and technical information resources.

umbrella5 = global, general. [Que engloba a otros]

Example: This article describes how an 'umbrella licence' was obtained covering a group of libraries within the region.


» umbrella course = curso que abarca varias disciplinas.

Example: This development saw the introduction of other umbrella courses such as environmental studies.

» umbrella term = denominación general, término global.

Example: We shall, therefore, attempt to illustrate by examples the subject that is currently taking shape under the umbrella term of 'information technology'.

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