Unanswered in spanish

Sin respuesta

pronunciation: sinrespuestɑ part of speech: adjective
In gestures

unanswered = sin responder, sin contestar. 

Example: Whether, in the future, the co-operatives will be able to fund appropriate developments at a sufficiently rapid rate remains an unanswered question.


» leave + a question unanswered = dejar una pregunta sin responder, dejar una pregunta sin contestar.

Example: It is important to note that not all questions were required for completion of the survey, so some items were left unanswered by some respondents.

Unanswered synonyms

unrequited in spanish: , pronunciation: ənrikwaɪtɪd part of speech: adjective unreciprocated in spanish: , pronunciation: ənrɪsɪprəkeɪtɪd part of speech: adjective nonreciprocal in spanish: , pronunciation: nɑnrəsɪprəkəl part of speech: adjective
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