Vanguard in spanish


pronunciation: bɑnguɑɹ̩diɑ part of speech: noun
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vanguard = vanguardia. 

Example: In the process of achieving this goal, the deaf and other handicapped individuals could become the vanguard of computer technology.


» at the vanguard of = a la vanguardia de.

Example: That serials librarians are at the vanguard of these changing possibilities, because traditional scholarly journals are so quickly adopting electronic technologies.

» in the vanguard of = a la vanguardia de.

Example: The PACS Forum and other BITNET lists are in the vanguard of a movement to establish computer conferences for library professionals which will dramatically improve ability to communicate with remote colleagues about important, timely topics.

Vanguard synonyms

van in spanish: , pronunciation: væn part of speech: noun forefront in spanish: , pronunciation: fɔrfrənt part of speech: noun avant garde in spanish: , pronunciation: əvɑntgɑrd cutting edge in spanish: , pronunciation: kʌtɪŋedʒ part of speech: noun
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