Walkway in spanish


pronunciation: pɑsɑɹ̩elɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

walkway = acera, pasillo, pasadizo. 

Example: Areas that may be used include: windows; promenades and walkways; entrances and foyers.


» moving walkway = pasillo móvil, pasillo rodante, pasillo deslizante.

Example: As airports and shopping malls grow ever larger, the need for moving walkways has grown.

» pedestrian walkway = acera, pasillo.

Example: This article discusses the results of a survey of users of the Metro McGill Library situated on the pedestrian walkway of the McGill metro station, Montreal, Quebec.

» underground walkway = paso subterráneo.

Example: The group wants to make the city's underground walkways safe by installing surveillance cameras and intercom systems.

Walkway synonyms

walk in spanish: , pronunciation: wɔk part of speech: verb, noun paseo in spanish: , pronunciation: pɑseɪoʊ part of speech: noun
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