Zoo in spanish


pronunciation: θoʊoʊ part of speech: noun
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zoo = zoo. 

Example: Archives are a low priority for most zoos and aquaria.


» petting zoo = zoológico de contacto, zoológico interactivo.

Example: Petting zoos are very common in the UK, where approximately 2 million people visit 1000 different petting zoos every year.

» zoo custodian = cuidador de animales de parque zoológico.

Example: Rattlers are easily frightened and will disgorge their food if handled after a meal, a habit well known to all zoo custodian.

» zookeeper = cuidador de animales de parque zoológico.

Example: Chapter 4 outlines miscellaneous jobs such as lathers, plasterers, roofers, metalworkers, pipefitters, teacher aides and zookeepers.

Zoo synonyms

menagerie in spanish: , pronunciation: mənædʒɜri part of speech: noun zoological garden in spanish: , pronunciation: zulɑdʒɪkəlgɑrdən part of speech: noun
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