Abdominal in english


pronunciation: æbdɑmənəl part of speech: adjective, noun
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abdominal1 = ab. 

Example: Randomly selecting a picture out of some men's magazine or billboard and saying that's what you want your abs to be like could be slightly self-defeating.


» abdominales marcadossix-pack abs .

Example: Discover how to get six-pack abs in 2 months (or less) using a unique combination of carefully-sequenced, little-known exercises.

» abdominal marcadoripped ab [Generalmente usado en el plural] .

Example: One of the most frequently stated goals of men in the gym is to 'get ripped abs'.

abdominal2 = abdominal ; ventral. 

Example: Sometimes the noun form is used, sometimes the adjectival, eg 'Abdomen - diseases' but 'abdominal pain'; 'Thorax (Zoology)' but 'Thorax, Human' see 'Chest and Thoracic duct'.Example: The ventral portion of the urinary bladder was marked with India ink to facilitate identification.


» cavidad abdominalabdominal cavity .

Example: Laparoscopic surgery includes operations within the abdominal or pelvic cavities, whereas keyhole surgery performed on the thoracic or chest cavity is called thoracoscopic surgery.

» distensión abdominalbloating .

Example: Bloating of the lower abdomen may easily appear, with a feeling of lumpiness when pressed.

» dolor abdominalabdominal pain .

Example: According to the girl and her mother, she had before treatment been suffering from abdominal pain, gnashing her teeth, vaginal itching, and diarrhoea from time to time = Según la chica y su madre, antes del tratamientos había estado sufriendo de dolor abdominal, rechinar de dientes, picazón vaginal y diarrea de vez en cuando.

» ejercicio abdominalsit-up .

Example: Avoid doing sit-ups if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.

» músculo abdominalabdominal muscleab muscle .

Example: Much of the fat in a man's paunch is under the abdominal muscles, exactly at his centre of gravity.

Example: The ab muscles are what really identify someone who is serious about their fitness and diet plan.

» músculo del recto abdominalrectus muscle .

Example: The superior and inferior rectus muscles turn the eye upwards, and downwards, the lateral and medial ones turn it outwards and inwards.

» pared abdominal, laabdominal wall, the .

Example: Abdominoplasty, known more commonly as a 'tummy tuck,' is a major surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen and to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall.

abdominal3 = sit-up. 

Example: Avoid doing sit-ups if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.
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