Accionar in english


pronunciation: æktʃueɪt part of speech: verb
In gestures

accionar = power. 

Example: The other method was to increase the effective size of the press by using a cylindrical platen, powered either by hand or by steam.

Accionar synonyms

trip in spanish: viaje, pronunciation: trɪp part of speech: noun trigger in spanish: desencadenar, pronunciation: trɪgɜr part of speech: noun, verb spark in spanish: chispa, pronunciation: spɑrk part of speech: noun activate in spanish: activar, pronunciation: æktəveɪt part of speech: verb set off in spanish: partir, pronunciation: setɔf part of speech: verb spark off in spanish: chispa, pronunciation: spɑrkɔf part of speech: verb touch off in spanish: provocar, pronunciation: tʌtʃɔf part of speech: verb trigger off in spanish: desencadenar, pronunciation: trɪgɜrɔf part of speech: verb
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