Acentuar in english


pronunciation: æksentʃueɪt part of speech: verb
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acentuar = sharpen ; point up ; accentuate ; highlight ; accent. 

Example: Instructors may sharpen a difference of opinion between two students and also may tactfully cut short long-winded contributions in a debate.Example: The obvious first line of defence is for librarians, agents and journal publishers to join forces to point up the decline in library provision.Example: However, future trends may tend to accentuate this division.Example: In each case the object of the discussion will be to highlight what appear to be the significant aspects, particularly those concerning the background which affect the nature of the scheme.Example: We offer a selection of lace and crocheted doilies in a variety of sizes and shapes -- you can accent any table with a simple classic doily.


» sin acentuarunstressed .

Example: Unstressed vowels cause spelling problems because they are difficult to hear and identify.

Acentuar synonyms

stress in spanish: estrés, pronunciation: stres part of speech: noun accent in spanish: acento, pronunciation: əksent part of speech: noun emphasize in spanish: enfatizar, pronunciation: emfəsaɪz part of speech: verb set off in spanish: partir, pronunciation: setɔf part of speech: verb punctuate in spanish: puntuar, pronunciation: pʌŋktʃueɪt part of speech: verb bring out in spanish: sacar, pronunciation: brɪŋaʊt part of speech: verb
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