Hablador in english


pronunciation: tɔkətɪv part of speech: adjective
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hablador = talkative ; chattery ; chatterbox ; chatty ; gabby ; gobby ; blabbermouth ; chatterer ; loquacious ; garrulous ; windbag. 

Example: Both blacks & whites perceived themselves as active, caring, critical, emotional, friendly, individualistic, intelligent, & talkative.Example: He is very chattery when he wants to be, and the rest of the time really chilled out and very rarely stressed.Example: The ebullient Mr Wang is a chatterbox and a bit of a show-off.Example: Lulu is a friendly, chatty parrot and we urge everyone in and around this area to keep their eyes peeled for her.Example: I hate to talk on the phone but can be rather gabby in real life.Example: I'm quite gobby and will just go up and speak to anyone, I was one of those pesky kids at school.Example: He's kind of a blabbermouth, and sooner or later, he's going to irritate just about everybody.Example: Paul speaks of such chatterers, and calls them 'busybodies,' who out of idleness roam about retailing from house to house, the talk which they have heard.Example: I can't stand loquacious people; it's almost impossible to walk away from them without feeling like you are being rude or weird
Example: Often they are garrulous, even quarrelsome.Example: Anyway, some day in the not too distant future the old windbag will be pushing up the daisies.


» ser un buen habladorbe a good talker .

Example: She is known to be a good talker and listener so this role is right up her street.

Hablador synonyms

loquacious in spanish: locuaz, pronunciation: loʊkweɪʃəs part of speech: adjective garrulous in spanish: gárrulo, pronunciation: gerələs part of speech: adjective expansive in spanish: expansivo, pronunciation: ɪkspænsɪv part of speech: adjective voluble in spanish: locuaz, pronunciation: vɑljəbəl part of speech: adjective indiscreet in spanish: indiscreto, pronunciation: ɪndɪskrit part of speech: adjective chatty in spanish: hablador, pronunciation: tʃæti part of speech: adjective communicative in spanish: comunicativo, pronunciation: kəmjunəkətɪv part of speech: adjective gabby in spanish: hablador, pronunciation: gæbi part of speech: adjective blabbermouthed in spanish: blabbermouthed, pronunciation: blæbɜrmaʊθt part of speech: adjective blabby in spanish: blabby, pronunciation: blæbi part of speech: adjective talky in spanish: talky, pronunciation: tɔki part of speech: adjective bigmouthed in spanish: hablador, pronunciation: bɪgməðd part of speech: adjective communicatory in spanish: comunicativo, pronunciation: kəmjunəkətɔri part of speech: adjective
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