Jactancia in english


pronunciation: boʊstɪŋ part of speech: noun
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jactancia = boastfulness ; swagger ; bragging ; boasting ; bluster ; swank. 

Example: For all their nationalistic boastfulness, the Spanish economy remained largely dependent on foreigners.Example: The paradox is that the war that was supposed to let thenm swagger and strut in the world was actually impeding their swagger and strut in the world.Example: The war in Lebanon began with bragging and ended with bragging.Example: Boasting is like lying because you are not telling the truth about yourself.Example: Listen to what is said, and judge whether it reflects real knowledge or just pretense or bluster.Example: As for Mr Reggy with his swank and his bit of money she could just chuck him aside as if he was so much filth.

Jactancia synonyms

boast in spanish: alarde, pronunciation: boʊst part of speech: verb, noun jactitation in spanish: impostura, pronunciation: dʒæktəteɪʃən part of speech: noun self-praise in spanish: auto-elogio, pronunciation: selfpreɪz part of speech: noun
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