Jaqueca in english


pronunciation: maɪgreɪn part of speech: noun
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jaqueca = migraine ; headache ; migraine headache. 

Example: The following categories of complaints are considered: eye strain and visual fatigue; migraine; epilepsy; muscle pain, aches, and strains; skin rashes; and stress.Example: Even the ones who don't complain say they have coughing fits at times, and itchy eyes, and headaches.Example: Belladonna is also known as deadly nightshade and is used by many homeopathic practitioners for the treatment of migraine headaches.


» jaqueca terriblesplitting headachethumping headacheblinding headachepounding headachethrobbing headachepulsating headache .

Example: A total of 87 people had been admitted to hospital with the same symptoms: high blood pressure, splitting headache, high temperature and sore throat.

Example: Today, I woke up with a thumping headache and a sister screaming because she just got her period.

Example: If you suffer from an allergy and also get blinding headaches, then be extra careful to avoid the foods that give you a reaction.

Example: People with a spinal cord injury can get sudden high blood pressure with pounding headaches.

Example: For the past couple of weeks I have been getting a throbbing headache every night after going to bed.

Example: I'm a 40 year old male and for the last week I have had an incredible pulsating headache at the nape of my neck.

Jaqueca synonyms

megrim in spanish: migraña, pronunciation: megrɪm part of speech: noun hemicrania in spanish: hemicrania, pronunciation: hemɪkrɑniə part of speech: noun sick headache in spanish: dolor de cabeza enfermo, pronunciation: sɪkhedeɪk part of speech: noun
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