Nacionalmente in english


pronunciation: næʃənəli part of speech: adverb
In gestures

nacionalmente = domestically ; nationally. 

Example: LANs help organizations gain a competitive edge, both domestically and internationally.Example: Mr. Berman and many others of you can speak far more authoritatively than I about how LC copy is distributed nationally in the form of MARC records, cards, and so forth, and about networking.
Nacionalmente synonyms:
nationwide in spanish: a escala nacional, pronunciation: neɪʃənwaɪd part of speech: adjective, adverb across the nation in spanish: a lo largo de la nación, pronunciation: əkrɔsðəneɪʃən part of speech: adverb across the country in spanish: a través del país, pronunciation: əkrɔsðəkʌntri part of speech: adverb
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