Objeción in english


pronunciation: əbdʒekʃən part of speech: noun
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objeción = demurrer ; objection ; remonstration ; cavil. 

Example: He conceded that Feaver's demurrers were worth considering.Example: My objection to the use of title-unit entries is not so much that they will disperse the works of an author, because this could be brought together by means of an author added entry.Example: Interestingly enough, the immediate effect of Bodley's remonstrations was the inclusion in the inventory lists of additional separate entries for books bound with other books.Example: But, however frivolous his cavils, the principles for which he contends are of the most pernicious nature and tendency.


» hacer objeciones contraurge against .

Example: It is the ideology which was urged against Panizzi and was cogently disproved by him before the Royal Commission but whose seductive simplicity has always found friends to keep it alive.

» hacer una objeciónraise + an objection .

Example: The objection that is always raised against our subject access reflecting a multiplicity of points of view is that the reader's expectations concerning access will often not be met.

» objeción de concienciaconscientious objection .

Example: This paper discusses both moral and political aspects of conscientious objection.

» objeción de conscienciaconscientious objection .

Example: This paper discusses both moral and political aspects of conscientious objection.

» objeción menorquibble .

Example: In the article 'Caveats, qualms, and quibbles: a revisionist view of library automation', a public librarian expresses his concern about computers in libraries and the lack of healthy scepticism in libraries when considering the likely benefits of automation.

» poner objecionesobject .

Example: It may be objected that a direct experience of the country by visiting it does not ensure a true picture, in fact that it may even stand in the way.

» poner objeciones aobject to .

Example: In one library, the director objected to the category heading 'Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender' = En una biblioteca, el director se opuso a que se utilizase la categoría "Gay, Lesbiana, Bisexual y Transexual".

Objeción synonyms

dissent in spanish: disentir, pronunciation: dɪsent part of speech: noun protest in spanish: protesta, pronunciation: proʊtest part of speech: noun, verb remonstrance in spanish: protesta, pronunciation: rimɑnstrəns part of speech: noun expostulation in spanish: amonestación, pronunciation: ekspɑstʃəleɪʃən part of speech: noun
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