Objetar in english


pronunciation: ɑbdʒekt part of speech: noun
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objetar = object ; cavil (about/at) ; quibble (about/over/with) ; raise + an objection. 

Example: It may be objected that a direct experience of the country by visiting it does not ensure a true picture, in fact that it may even stand in the way.Example: Chalmers conceded the utter falseness of the forgeries, but cavilled at Malone's method of refuting them.Example: If the business of American government simply comes down to quibbling over price, then all principled protests become rather pointless.Example: The objection that is always raised against our subject access reflecting a multiplicity of points of view is that the reader's expectations concerning access will often not be met.

Objetar synonyms

aim in spanish: objetivo, pronunciation: eɪm part of speech: noun, verb objective in spanish: objetivo, pronunciation: əbdʒektɪv part of speech: noun, adjective target in spanish: objetivo, pronunciation: tɑrgət part of speech: noun physical object in spanish: objeto físico, pronunciation: fɪzɪkəlɑbdʒekt part of speech: noun
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