Obsceno in english


pronunciation: ɑbsin part of speech: adjective
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obsceno = obscene ; indecent ; scatological ; salacious ; ribald ; lusty ; bawdy ; prurient ; raunchy ; smutty . 

Example: Prompt responses are required to bomb threats and reports of such dangerous or criminal conduct as sprinkling acid on chairs or clothing, mutilating books, tampering with the card catalog, or obscene behavior.Example: The passage of the Exon bill would make criminal the sending of obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy or indecent data over the Net = The passage of the Exon bill would make criminal the sending of obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy or indecent data over the Net.Example: At heart, it is a smirkingly adolescent pursuit of cheap laughs and mild titillation, with a surfeit of jokes involving breasts and bums and with new extremes of scatological humiliation.Example: Being salacious in character, he spread the gossip that the boss and his new secretary were an item.Example: About this time several of the old crones of the tribe offered their ribald advice on how the new couple should conduct themselves off in the forest together.Example: He creates a type of reverse orientalism peopled by sex-hungry 'dark-age femme fatales' and 'lusty young Barbarians reeking of ale'.Example: Their secondary aim was to print piratical, scurrilous and bawdy material for the people of Dublin.Example: Something is prurient if it focuses attention on sex not in an artistic way or to teach something, but purely to appeal to your baser instincts.Example: She has appeared in yet another provocative pose as she returns to her raunchy image following the break-up of her marriage.Example: His poetry's very beautiful. but it's also very smutty.


» chiste obscenosmutty joke .

Example: This raunchy little collection of smutty jokes serves up obscene amounts of fodder for every tasteless occasion.

» llamada telefónica obscenacrank (phone) callprank (phone) call .

Example: Recent crank calls to military families claiming a family member has been killed in Afghanistan are insensitive, amoral and disgusting.

Example: I guess at some point in our lives we have definitely been victims of prank calls!.

Obsceno synonyms

salacious in spanish: salaz, pronunciation: səleɪʃəs part of speech: adjective lewd in spanish: lascivo, pronunciation: lud part of speech: adjective offensive in spanish: ofensiva, pronunciation: əfensɪv part of speech: adjective, noun repugnant in spanish: repugnante, pronunciation: rɪpʌgnənt part of speech: adjective abhorrent in spanish: aborrecible, pronunciation: æbhɔrənt part of speech: adjective dirty in spanish: sucio, pronunciation: dɜrti part of speech: adjective repulsive in spanish: repulsivo, pronunciation: ripʌlsɪv part of speech: adjective indecent in spanish: indecente, pronunciation: ɪndisənt part of speech: adjective detestable in spanish: detestable, pronunciation: dɪtestəbəl part of speech: adjective
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