Saborear in english


pronunciation: seɪvɜr part of speech: verb, noun
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saborear = savour [savor, -USA] ; get + a taste of. 

Example: Some books provoke vocal responses, a kind of literary effervescent effect, while others seem to turn people in on themselves, when they prefer to say nothing but savor the reading in silence.Example: The development of these living museums where visitors get a taste of what life was like in the past goes hand in hand with green tourism.


» saborear el momentosavour + the moment .

Example: Parents are usually very busy, and sometimes we forget to savour the moment for what it is.

Saborear synonyms

relish in spanish: condimento, pronunciation: relɪʃ part of speech: noun, verb taste in spanish: gusto, pronunciation: teɪst part of speech: noun enjoy in spanish: disfrutar, pronunciation: endʒɔɪ part of speech: verb smack in spanish: tortazo, pronunciation: smæk part of speech: noun, verb tang in spanish: Espiga, pronunciation: tæŋ part of speech: noun bask in spanish: disfrutar, pronunciation: bæsk part of speech: verb flavor in spanish: sabor, pronunciation: fleɪvɜr part of speech: noun savour in spanish: saborear, pronunciation: səvʊr part of speech: noun, verb flavour in spanish: sabor, pronunciation: fləvaʊr part of speech: noun sapidity in spanish: sapidez, pronunciation: səpɪdəti part of speech: noun
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