Tabloide in english


pronunciation: tæblɔɪd part of speech: noun
In gestures

tabloide = tabloid ; newspaper tabloid ; tabloid newspaper. 

Example: Financing preservation programs for old newspapers is needed for tabloids as well as the Times.Example: Whether conceived as a bookmark, newspaper tabloid, balloon, slick booklet, or some other format, the client-directed annual report conveys not only the information itself but also the intent to focus on the client's interest.Example: This is a simply written, richly illustrated weekly tabloid newspaper covering domestic and foreign affairs, sport, culture, everyday matters and television programmes.

Tabloide synonyms

sheet in spanish: hoja, pronunciation: ʃit part of speech: noun rag in spanish: trapo, pronunciation: ræg part of speech: noun yellow journalism in spanish: periodismo amarillo, pronunciation: jeloʊdʒɜrnəlɪzəm part of speech: noun
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