Abattoir in spanish


pronunciation: mɑtɑdeɹ̩oʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

abattoir = matadero. 

Example: On 20 February 2001 foot and mouth disease was confirmed in animals at an abattoir in Essex, UK.


» poultry abattoir = matadero de aves.

Example: A law suit has been filed recently against a sewage plant treating poultry abattoir waste.

Abattoir synonyms

shambles in spanish: ruinas, pronunciation: ʃæmbəlz part of speech: noun slaughterhouse in spanish: matadero, pronunciation: slɔtɜrhaʊs part of speech: noun butchery in spanish: carnicería, pronunciation: bʊtʃɜri part of speech: noun
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