Abnormality in spanish


pronunciation: ɑnoʊɹ̩mɑlidɑd part of speech: noun
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abnormality = anormalidad. 

Example: Make sure everyone involved is aware of timetable and room changes and any other administrative abnormalities; and as far as possible prevent any untoward interruptions.


» congenital abnormality = defecto congénito.

Example: The programme has recently included the following topics: congenital abnormalities, cellular aging, tissue oxygenation, thromboses, hearing problems, perinatal care and electrocardiography.

» genetic abnormality = anormalidad genética.

Example: Some identified risk factors that increase the chances of developing duodenum cancer are: diabetes and obesity, smoking, exposure to chemicals, genetic abnormalities and hereditary conditions, and duodenal ulcer.

Abnormality synonyms

irregularity in spanish: irregularidad, pronunciation: ɪregjəlerəti part of speech: noun freakishness in spanish: monstruosidad, pronunciation: frikɪʃnəs part of speech: noun abnormalcy in spanish: anormalidad, pronunciation: æbnɔrməlsi part of speech: noun mental defectiveness in spanish: defecto mental, pronunciation: mentəldɪfektɪvnəs part of speech: noun

Abnormality antonyms

normalcy pronunciation: nɔrməlsi part of speech: noun normality pronunciation: nɔrmæləti part of speech: noun
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