Absence in spanish


pronunciation: ɑusenθiɑ part of speech: noun
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absence = ausencia. 

Example: When the cataloguer turns to the description of a piece of music a common problem will be the absence of a title page to be used as the chief source of information.


» absence makes the heart grow fonder = la distancia es como el viento que apaga los fuegos pequeños pero aviva los grandes.

Example: She and various others I have talked with about this situation all stressed that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

» fill in + in + Posesivo + absence = sustituir a Alguien en su ausencia.

Example: She knew from her interview with him that she would be expected as reference librarian to fill in in his absence, but she hadn't expected to assume the responsibility quite so soon.

» in + Posesivo + absence = en + Posesivo + ausencia.

Example: They, bowing down, honored them in their absence by making statues of them and worshipping one for the other.

» in the absence of = a falta de, sin contar con, sin tener, sin disponer de, no habiendo.

Example: In the absence of, or in addition to, an ISADN an alternative number assigned by a regional or national agency may be given.

» leave of absence = excedencia en el trabajo, permiso. [Período de ausencia en el trabajo sin recibir remuneración]

Example: Bajalovic had heard that Faye Weir (the Medical Center library director for the past three years) had suffered a nervous breakdown and would be on leave of absence for at least six months.

» take + a leave of absence = tomarse unos días de permiso.

Example: In an emergency situation when someone is ill or must take a leave of absence, sometimes the best help available will come from librarians who are able to work only part time.

» quasi-absence = casi ausencia.

Example: No direct effect of personnel on loans was fount at the primary level, and a quasi-absence of such effect at the secondary level.

» sickness absence = ausencia por enfermedad.

Example: Problem drinking, drink driving and criminality are important risk factors for receipt of disability pension and high levels of sickness absence in young men.

» unexcused absence = ausencia sin excusa justificada.

Example: An unexcused absence is when a child is not in school for reasons other than those approved, which include illness, court appearances and funeral services for a family member.

Absence synonyms

petit mal epilepsy in spanish: epilepsia de petit mal, pronunciation: petimælepəlepsi part of speech: noun

Absence antonyms

presence pronunciation: prezəns part of speech: noun
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