Absolve in spanish


pronunciation: ɑbsoʊlbeɹ̩ part of speech: verb
In gestures

absolve = absolver. 

Example: The murder of these two people was never absolved in the public eye.


» absolve + Nombre + from obligation = absolver de obligación, eximir de obligación.

Example: Most publications are probably free distribution material and whilst that does not absolve the publishers from the obligation of legal deposit it is probable that many local authorities do not submit their materials.

» absolve + Nombre + from/of + responsibility = absolver de responsabilidad, eximir de responsabilidad.

Example: While librarians must not be overly censorious in their classification, they should not adopt a completely relativist stance that would absolve the profession of all responsibility.

Absolve synonyms

free in spanish: gratis, pronunciation: fri part of speech: adjective justify in spanish: justificar, pronunciation: dʒʌstəfaɪ part of speech: verb

Absolve antonyms

fault pronunciation: fɔlt part of speech: noun blame pronunciation: bleɪm part of speech: verb, noun
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