Absent in spanish


pronunciation: ɑusente part of speech: adjective
In gestures

absent = ausente. 

Example: The attempt to discover it may lead to ineffective 'psychoanalysis of the absent reader'.


» absent from exam = no presentado a examen.

Example: Students absent from exams will automatically get a fail grade.

» absent-minded = despistado, distraído, absorto, en Babia, en la luna.

Example: The academic library is the natural habitat of the absent-minded professor.

» absent person = persona ausente, ausente.

Example: For absent persons, we did not ask for details such as nationality or level of education.

» be absent (from) = faltar de, no estar presente en, estar ausente de, ausentarse.

Example: Consideration of information issues was absent from most courses studied.

Absent synonyms

devoid in spanish: vacío, pronunciation: dɪvɔɪd part of speech: adjective remove in spanish: retirar, pronunciation: rimuv part of speech: verb truant in spanish: ausente, pronunciation: truənt part of speech: noun awol in spanish: ausente sin permiso, pronunciation: eɪwɔl part of speech: noun missing in spanish: desaparecido, pronunciation: mɪsɪŋ part of speech: adjective nonexistent in spanish: inexistente, pronunciation: nɑnəgzɪstənt part of speech: adjective abstracted in spanish: abstraído, pronunciation: æbstræktɪd part of speech: adjective inattentive in spanish: inatento, pronunciation: ɪnətentɪv part of speech: adjective scatty in spanish: atolondrado, pronunciation: skæti part of speech: adjective absentminded in spanish: despistado, pronunciation: æbsəntmaɪndɪd part of speech: adjective

Absent antonyms

present pronunciation: prezənt part of speech: adjective, noun, verb
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