Absorbed in spanish


pronunciation: ɑbsoʊɹ̩bidoʊ part of speech: adjective
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absorb = absorber, integrar. 

Example: For the majority, however, IT was regarded as simply another topic to absorb into syllabuses.


» absorb + an impact = amortiguar un impacto, absorber un impacto.

Example: Our shinguards are made to deflect or absorb the impact of a kick.

» absorb + a shock = amortiguar un golpe, absorber un golpe.

Example: The problem comes, when you lose a lot of the fluid in your knees that absorb the shock and keep your bones from rubbing.

» absorb by + osmosis = absorber por ósmosis.

Example: My parents were raised by dirt farmers and they had a collective knowledge of native plants, which I absorbed by osmosis.

» absorb + heat = absorber calor.

Example: Due to water's ability to absorb heat, water is valuable to industries and in your car's radiator as a coolant.

» absorb + time = absorber tiempo, llevar tiempo.

Example: While staff should be able to perform some routine tasks, such as the replacement of bulbs in microfilm readers, the maintenance and adjustment of equipment should not be allowed to absorb staff time.

absorbed = absorto, concentrado, ensimismado. 

Example: I believe that literature is certainly in one sense 'play' -- grave and absorbed play.


» absorbed in = absorto en, concentrado en, ensimismado con.

Example: Darwin may have been as absorbed in thinking about evolution as Freud was absorbed in thinking about psychoanalysis when he went to operas.

» self-absorbed = ensimismado, absorto en sí mismo, egocéntrico.

Example: Despite responsibilities as heads of the state and a major household respectively, both are self-absorbed, self-indulging creatures.

Absorbed synonyms

intent in spanish: intención, pronunciation: ɪntent part of speech: noun attentive in spanish: atento, pronunciation: ətentɪv part of speech: adjective rapt in spanish: arrebatado, pronunciation: ræpt part of speech: adjective engrossed in spanish: absorto, pronunciation: ɪngroʊst part of speech: adjective wrapped in spanish: envuelto, pronunciation: ræpt part of speech: adjective absorbable in spanish: absorbible, pronunciation: æbzɔrbəbəl part of speech: adjective enwrapped in spanish: envuelto, pronunciation: enræpt part of speech: adjective unreflected in spanish: no reflejado, pronunciation: ənrɪflektɪd part of speech: adjective
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