Abundance in spanish


pronunciation: ɑbundɑnθiɑ part of speech: noun
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abundance = abundancia. 

Example: However, out of the enormous abundance of information produced, only 50% is new while the rest is redundant.


» find + in abundance = encontrar en abundancia.

Example: Non-musical sound recordings are to be found in abundance covering such items as poetry readings, plays, children's stories and 'talking books' for the blind.

» in abundance = en abundancia, a raudales.

Example: Concerned, thoughtful, supportive, humorous -- all those traits lacking from the present boss he has in abundance.

» overabundance = superabundancia. 

Example: They lack an understanding of an empathy with the character, and are hampered by an overabundance of unimportant detail.

» superabundance = superabundancia, sobreabundancia, profusión, exceso.

Example: Given that within the superabundance of information there are subject gaps, this paper looks at the responsibility of the information worker in transmitting 'facts'.

Abundance synonyms

copiousness in spanish: abundancia, pronunciation: koʊpiəsnəs part of speech: noun

Abundance antonyms

scarcity pronunciation: skersɪti part of speech: noun scarceness pronunciation: skɑrtʃnəs part of speech: noun
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