Abuse in spanish


pronunciation: ɑbusoʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

abuse1 = abuso, insulto. 

Example: I believe that the emphasis on abuse of title entry in the name of speeding up cataloging is not the question of a title entry versus other entries, it is the question of simplification.


» abuse of power = abuso de poder.

Example: The study found high levels of mistrust of the police by the public, including considerable concerns about corruption, abuse of power, & lack of respect for the public.

» alcohol abuse = abuso del alcohol.

Example: Right and left parentheses must be balanced; for example, '(alcoholism or (alcohol or drug) abuse) literature'.

» child abuse = abuso de menores, maltrato infantil.

Example: Locate information on child abuse, retrieving records in which the terms appear in the title.

» child sexual abuse = abuso sexual de menores.

Example: The public has long memories and even longer tongues when it comes to the emotionally hyper-charged issue of child sexual abuse.

» curb + the abuse of power = frenar el abuso de poder.

Example: These new regulations were intended to curb the abuse of power.

» curb + the abuses = frenar los abusos, poner fin a los abusos.

Example: $2 million dollars per year is spent on investigations of lawyer misconduct with little to no success of curbing the abuses = Se gastan 2 millones de dólares al año en investigar la falta de ética de algunos abogados con poco o ningún éxito para poner fin a estos abusos .

» domestic abuse = abuso familiar.

Example: For victims of domestic abuse, taking the step to seek help is a big one.

» drug abuse = abuso de las drogas.

Example: For example, 'FIND: drug and abuse' retrieves records that contain these two words but also locates records that contain the words drug and sexual abuse (and not necessarily drug abuse).

» emotional abuse = abuso emocional.

Example: Her husband Mickey drove her over the edge after years of physical and emotional abuse.

» heap (up) + abuse on/upon = acribillar con insultos.

Example: So the basic strategy is to heap up abuse on the Democratic candidate.

» human rights abuse = violación de los derechos humanos.

Example: They have campaigned indefatigably for humane prison conditions and have been documenting and exposing human rights abuses.

» personal abuse = abuso físico, maltrato físico.

Example: Teachers across Britain are subjected to foul language, personal abuse, sexual insults and threats of violence by pupils every few minutes.

» physical abuse = malos tratos, abuso físico.

Example: Children growing up in households where aggression, physical abuse and other antisocial acts are the norm often act up in school.

» psychological abuse = abuso sicológico.

Example: Looking from the outside, it can be difficult to fully understand the severity of the psychological abuse and how deeply it affects us as individuals.

» scream + abuse (at) = insultar a voces.

Example: They screamed abuse at him and called him all the names under the sun while they kicked and beat him.

» sexual abuse = abuso sexual.

Example: For example, 'FIND: drug and abuse' retrieves records that contain these two words but also locates records that contain the words drug and sexual abuse (and not necessarily drug abuse).

» shout + abuse at = insultar, increpar.

Example: A 92-year-old woman has been put behind bars for sitting on her front porch shouting abuse at passers-by.

» solvent abuse = inhalación de disolventes.

Example: Issues covered in the survey included patterns in reading about social issues and about drugs, alcohol and solvent abuse.

» spousal abuse = violencia matrimonial.

Example: We want Robyn to write about really meaty issues every week, instead of talking about spousal abuse.

» substance abuse = abuso de sustancias nocivas.

Example: Find a study on substance abuse by children or adolescents.

» take + abuse = ser objeto de abusos, recibir abusos, aguantar abusos.

Example: She took a lot of abuse, a lot of insults, but she always kept her dignity, she knew how to suffer with grace, she had class.

» tolerate + abuse = tolerar abusos.

Example: As far as the staff is concerned, some people will tolerate a lot of abuse before they do anything.

» verbal abuse = abuso verbal, agresión verbal.

Example: Verbal abuse is difficult to identify and regrettably can be a common type of abuse in some marriages.

» wife abuse = malos tratos a la mujer, maltrato a la mujer, maltrato de mujeres.

Example: Although the results provide support for the 'drunken bum' theory of wife beating, they also demythologize the stereotype because alcohol is shown to be far from a necessary or sufficient cause of wife abuse.

abuse2 = abusar, usar mal. 

Example: This system was often abused for a grasping clicker would see to it that the fastest compositor got the easiest work.


» abuse + Posesivo + power = abusar de + Posesivo + poder.

Example: She abused her power as Alaska's governor by trying to get her ex-brother-in-law fired from the state police.

» abuse + the system = abusar del sistema, burlar al sistema, engañar al sistema, aprovecharse del sistema.

Example: Not everyone using food stamps abuses the system.

abuse3 = injuriar, ultrajar, insultar. 

Example: It is important that those engaged in IR should not be abused by the improper use of the word 'intelligent'.

Abuse synonyms

insult in spanish: insulto, pronunciation: ɪnsʌlt part of speech: noun, verb pervert in spanish: pervertido, pronunciation: pɜrvɜrt part of speech: verb, noun shout in spanish: gritar, pronunciation: ʃaʊt part of speech: verb, noun misuse in spanish: mal uso, pronunciation: mɪsjuz part of speech: noun blackguard in spanish: canalla, pronunciation: blækgɑrd part of speech: noun contumely in spanish: contumelia, pronunciation: kɑntumli part of speech: noun mistreat in spanish: maltratar, pronunciation: mɪstrit part of speech: verb maltreatment in spanish: mal trato, pronunciation: mæltritmənt part of speech: noun maltreat in spanish: maltratar, pronunciation: mɔltriət part of speech: verb clapperclaw in spanish: criticar fuertemente, pronunciation: klæpɜrklɔ part of speech: verb revilement in spanish: avivamiento, pronunciation: rɪvɪlmənt part of speech: noun ill-treat in spanish: maltrato, pronunciation: ɪltrit part of speech: verb ill-treatment in spanish: malos tratos, pronunciation: ɪltritmənt part of speech: noun ill-use in spanish: mal uso, pronunciation: ɪljus part of speech: verb ill-usage in spanish: mal uso, pronunciation: ɪljuzədʒ part of speech: noun
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